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Subject: DriveOnPay™ - Dashtop Mobile Payment Platform


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As a mobile WiMAX  application, the DriveOnPay™ is not merely a mobile payment platform but will  enhance every aspect of your wheeled lifestyle by enabling you to pay wirelessly at even a vehicle speed of 80mph with minimum Driver Distraction.

Its user-centric menu-driven feature will help you select your preferred payment option, at the time of making payments behind the wheel.

Ticketless entry into ball parks, theme parks, national parks, trade shows, expos and parking garages will be a dream come true with DriveOnPay™.

Access to parking meters will be wirelessly guided, and citations at parking meters will be done unmanned.

Mass surveillance of vehicle traffic heading to an airport will be executed at the rate of 4,400 in a fraction of a minute on a 6-lane road, for instance, while you are at the wheel within a 5-mile range of the airport.

Even more, check-in for boarding will be done wirelessly, while you are in your vehicle before entering the airport, and DriveOnPay™ will enable the airport security crew to conduct  in-depth security checks targeted at a singled-out group of terror suspects, thereby waiving you a long stressful wait in line.

You will also enjoy privacy-friendly location-based advertisements selectively, when entering a shopping center, and do some Just-In-Time eShopping behind the wheel, and you won't be affected by any slight level of Driver Distraction because it will be easier than changing radio channels. No tedious wait in drive-thru lanes, and no waiting on hold on the busy phone line to place a takeout order of a sandwich. That's because, with DriveOnPay™, Quick Food Service operators will take carryout orders to the maximum possible extent of their cooking capacity, not at their phone order takers' capacity.

Even more, your tormenting hours in the stop-and-go traffic heading to tollgates under a scorching sun will be gone forever, as opposed to the current toll collection technique combining cash and RFID tags.Tollgate democracy will be achieved with DriveOnPay™ as there will be no manned tollbooths entailing the notorious tollgate segregation between cash, carpool, and RFID tags. There will be no reading failure and no erroneous charge, as opposed to the currently used RFID transponders linked to Users' prepaid accounts.

Utilizing DriveOnPay™,  fund raising by local transport authorities will be enabled. Prepaid tolls in any amount  will be bought at the wheel. Raffle tickets will be sold to motorists to help finance transportation infrastructure improvement projects. Traffic tickets, vehicle renewals and driving license renewals will be done at the wheel  in a VPN session, requiring a couple of finger touches on the VIMO™ screen.


DriveOnPay™ will enable streamlining metropolitan traffic in various ways. Commute traffic will be given more advantages during rush hours, enabling 'stagger systems for vehicles'. In other words, non-commute vehicles will be levied a sort of surcharges that will discourage them to voluntarily avoid commute hours. Even personal vehicles carrying boats and trailers during commute hours will be imposed a surcharge that will help coax them to avoid commute hours or specific sections of the freeways or temporarily and seasonally.

If a mega city has a motor show, for example, in a downtown conference hall, that will lure an event crowd of 50,000 to 100,000 daily during its run. And it will create a chaotic set of gridlocks and parking lot congestions, costing millions of dollars, with physical waste and emotional distress counted.

However, DriveOnPay™ can make "Event Parking™" possible by having the event organizers sort out the entire event crowd and allocate their vehicles to a select group of parking garages. The event-going vehicles are preset for their destined parking garages, and there will be no wayward and uncontrollable traffic struggling for  parking spots. This will streamline the downtown traffic flow to a greater extent and eventually  head off the chaotic gridlocks and congestions ahead of the time.

The above illustrations are just part of deployment scenarios of DriveOnPay™, and there are a lot more functions to count on it. To understand rationales of DriveOnPay™, you are invited to browse through our website up to the hilt and meet your dream come true about the "mobile broadband" future that is not so distant, but knocking on your door now, signaling the next big wave of dashtop mobile devices.

Anthropogenic climate change is a big global agenda, and we believe the vehicle CO2 gas emissions portend to cancel out whatever epoch-making remedies that the whole world is desperately trying to work out.

The first line therapy for anthropogenic global warming is to beat traffic congestion since USA alone accounts for 45% of global vehicle emissions and the rapid increase in the number of vehicles worldwide will surely outpace any forthcoming human efforts toward energy conservation and green technology.

Since 2000, the number of vehicles worldwide is growing at an annual rate of over 60 million (6 to 7 million annually in US alone), as opposed to passenger vehicle lifetime soaring to over 9 years. By 2015, the total of vehicles on the earth,currently estimated at 700 million,will double up to surpass the 1.4 billion mark.

We deem it our honor and obligation to draw your attention to  our slogan: Ergonomic Solution to Man-Made Afflictions (ESTOMMA). We will be looking forward to working with or sharing views with you on prospects of ICT industry as an ultimate solution to man-made disasters and suffering. Hopefully you will invite your friends and associates to see this website in order to have our dream come true sooner.

Thank you,

Meyer Cho
IP Consultant

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