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Ergonomic Solutions to Man-Made Afflictions




ErgonoTech is looking forward eagerly to working with foreign partners who may want to exploit the new world of DriveOnPay in the global arena.

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about ErgonoTech

ErgonoTech Inc. was started in December  2006, with the aim of pursuing "Ergonomic IT Solutions to Man-Made Afflictions".  We are a private company incorporated in Delaware, the United States, and our primary concern lies in optimizing traffic congestions of all types that are the No.1 driver of Anthropogenic Global Warming.

As traffic congestions are worse than any wars, terrors, or natural disasters, in terms of  their penetratively devastating impact and persistent grips on human living and environment, we have invented a fail-safe wireless payment platform: DriveOnPay™.

Our patent applications on DriveOnPay™ were filed with US Patent and Trademark Office in June 2006 and thereafter, international patents were filed with WIPO in October 2006. The US patent #8666801 was granted in 2014. ErgonoTech expects to expand its operations globally by licensing its dashtop mobile payment platform (DMPP) solution to prospective licensees both at home and abroad.

The global market associated with this type of DME (Dashtop Mobile Equipment) will soar to an annual average of over $2 trillion through 2025, when the global total of vehicles will have reached 1.6 billion, according to our latest round of  research.

This is why DriveOnPay™ is designed to be the dashboard centerpiece aimed at car connectivity by converging all automotive gadgets and gimmicks, like GPS navigators, MP3 players, satellite radios, nomadic Internet access, mobile phones, mobile TV, and other futuristic gizmos. Hopefully, DriveOnPay™ will be integral to ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) that is being pursued by U.S. Department of Transportation.
Besides, DriveOnPay™ will likely play a major role in optimizing anti-terror objectives at airports to be coveted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security particularly in terms of privacy issue and mass surveillance at airports.


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