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Ergonomic Solutions to Man-Made Afflictions

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ESTOMMA is ErgonoTech's motto envisioning ergonomic IT solutions for not only physical and mental sufferings, but also socioeconomic woes and environmental ruins.
ESTOMMA is not a public service campaign sponsored by a not-for-profit organization, but an entrepreneurial mission to commoditize Ergonomic ICT solutions to man-made afflictions.

We see a growing interest in our ESTOMMA , after the worst-ever financial crisis the world over in 2008. The so-called financial Armageddon was a huge system error that had wrought havoc on the global community. Bona fide small-time investors might have lost interest in stock market and debt market as well. In Silicon Valley, venture capitalists have been terribly shaken due to the IPO congestion,which has 'almost permanently' postponed their big paydays.

We welcome any investment to support ESTOMMA, since people started to realize why the current financial crisis should not repeat itself in the future.

Banks and investors  are shocked and scared to the point where they might move to find an alternative way of optimizing their investment portfolio, with the chances of  "cash hoarding" for deleveraging purposes. If you feel you might want to join us to promote the interest of ESTOMMA, please send us an email to hwang@DriveOnPay.com. We go from there.

What are the man-made afflictions?

Day in, day out, the man-made afflictions are outgrowing the global efforts to solve them, as the IT horizons are getting broader and broader, pervasive through multidisciplinary borders. Ergonomic approaches to the phenomenon will help keep the widespread human sufferings at minimum.

To name a few of those man-made sufferings, the following can be briefly mentioned:

1. Transportation system 

  • Traffic congestions, road inefficiency, road design defects
  • Systematic defects related to toll collection, tollgate lane configurations, RFID toll collections,
  • Transport security: Mismanaged security checks at transport hubs,ill-designed anti-terror measures at transport hubs
  • Parking shortages and inefficiency
  • System failures and lack of in-house application software management
  • Terror hoaxes, like bomb threat hoaxes
  • Other cases associated with transportation

2. Information and  Communications Technology (ICT)

  •  Bad software, malware, cybercrime, digital manacle(*), format wars,
  •  Oligarchy and monopoly by media giants and ICT juggernauts
  •  The digital divide between haves and havenots deepening and widening
3. Environmental issues

  • Anthropogenic climate change
  • Abortive attempts to regenerate biotopes
  • Environmental pollutions and contaminations
  • Mismanagement of natural disasters, like tsunami, storms, hurricanes, earthquakes
  • government-related  disasters

  • China Quake Man-made?
4. Socioeconomic woes

  • Hunger and poverty
  • Extreme commercialism  choking redistribution of wealth and resources       
  • Wars and chronic regional conflicts
  • Terrors
  • Belligerency
  • Energy and food crises
  • Other issues

  "If you're in the luckiest 1 percent of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to    think about the other 99 percent," Warren Buffett told attendees at a 2007 political  fund-raiser .

6. Health care

  • Unaffordable medical expenses
  • Uninsured elderly and low-income brackets
  • Overhead  related to health care expenses

Quotes of Articles
 H U N G E R
According to a February 2007 report from U.N. Food Program, "Today 850 million people are hungry and malnourished. Over half of them are children. 18,000 children die every single day because of hunger and malnutrition," Morris, the outgoing chief of the UN body said.

"This is a shameful fact — a terrible indictment of the world in 2007, and it's an issue that needs to be solved."

U G L Y   S O F T W A R E
 [BJARNE STROUSTRUP, the designer of C++, the most influential programming language of the last 25 years, has said that “our technological civilization depends on software.” True, but most software isn’t much good. Too many programs are ugly: inelegant, unreliable and not very useful. Software that satisfies and delights is as rare as a phoenix.

All this does more than frustrate computer users. Bad software is terrible for business and the economy. Software failures cost $59.5 billion a year, the National Institute of Standards and Technology concluded in a 2002 study, and fully 25 percent of commercial software projects are abandoned before completion. Of projects that are finished, 75 percent ship late or over budget. ]

End of Quotes

What ErgonoTech can do

Our belief  is that vehicle traffic is the biggest contributor to man-made climate change, and traffic congestion is the first task to be dealt with. Among others, tollgate congestion alone can be completely eliminated if federal or state planners are  technology-minded. Say, there is a knotty issue that can be compared to a Gordian knot. If you think inside the Gordian knot and try to untie it , you will come to your wit's end. On the other hand,  if you think outside the knot, you may come to a solution: cut it.  

ErgonoTech leads and will go on to lead  this ESTOMMA campaign in the fields of transportation and ICT, if not all.

Disruptive technology

When do we need disruptive technology and a paradigm shift? And why?
There are cases in which we can’t jump over a ditch with two leaps. Economy of scale normally supports backward compatibility, which means a widespread belief that an innovation, based on the current technology and infrastructure, might save a lot of costs and head off unnecessary wastes and costly pitfalls.

In other words, potential compatibility woes might haunt government planners, corporate planners  before they decide to adopt a new technology or some innovative measure for fear of negative ripple effects, especially when the new technology is disruptive and exclusive.

Please bring your friends here to find  ways to minimize or head off  human sufferings resulting from human fallibility. Should you wish to join membership, send e-mail to members@DriveOnPay.com.  Then, you will get immediate feedback from us.

Last  update :  January 2009

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