What is DriveOnPay for?


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What is DriveOnPay for?

You can call it  "Dashtop Mobile Payment Platform".

Simply put, DriveOnPay is a privacy-friendly "Electronic License Plate" cum  "Digital Wallet at the Wheel" cum "Wireless Pass".    

DriveOnPay is a patented line-buster solution enabling drivers to make cashless in-car payments in a non-linear fashion while DRIVING ON, which means without having to stop or slow down. This non-linear mobile payment system is to revolutionize the ongoing linear payment transaction at every node of traffic surges occurring in a city.

The end result is elimination of a lane divide, segregation of paying drivers and subsequent traffic snarls at tollgates, for instance. And not just traffic snarls at tollgates but also a long tail of traffic at each entrance of urban facilities, where drivers have to make in-car payments, can be reduced to zero by using a location-based and time-based single-use PIN for entry purposes based on cashless payments made JIT(Just In Time) within a range of 5 miles from the said facilities.

         US Patent #8,666,801
         WIPO PCT/IB2006/053654

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