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Digital Manacle

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smiley_frown Gee! Where are my lists of passwords?
                  In my pockets, wallets, glove compartment,
                  briefcase, or  desk drawers? Where did I
                  put them since my last updates were done.

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DEDID  is an ice dagger that kills you and melts away instantly

You may need to authenticate yourself to get access to online accounts or to any secured online sessions. Normally, you use your username and password. As password-setting formulas are different from place to place, you may end up keeping a list of over a dozen Usernames and passwords. Your insatiable digital indulegences will eventually lead to a high mound of digital ID's piling up.  Ultimately, digital convenience may turn into digital manacles that will handcuff your hands.

As of early 2008, 2 billion people worldwide(over 30% of world population) carry mobile phones. In a decade from now, over 50% of the global population (estimated to reach 7.5 billion in 2017) will likely have mobile devices and tend to spend more time on mobile devices than desktops. The more time you spend on mobile devices, the more varied digital ID or digital authentication means you will need. Are you going to carry a list of over a dozen Usernames and passwords on you, while on the go? Here is why Yahoo, Google and Microsoft push very hard for OpenID that enables Users' single sign-on. However, they are more focused on the Internet, either fixed or mobile, than the emerging non-web-based mobile transactions on the go.

NEWS     Published: 2009/01/27 15:03:13 GMT
Alarm sounded over wi-fi networks

Deal "IT Rush" with "Gold Rush" tools?

Do we welcome the IT rush with the 'picks and shovels' of the Gold Rush era? Or with flint and tinder? It is still okay for now, but in another ten years, everybody will certainly be bothered by a long list of Usernames and passwords. Even now, there may a lot of people who are suffering from this man-made "digital manacle".

Why suffer from digital shackles, manacles, fetters

For example, you go to a bank website to check your account balance and records. Due to phishing and other cybercrime stuff, some financial websites are offering a new security technique called "site image", which can be shown on the screen when your access has been secured after a couple of security questions you should survive.  Even worse, there were cases in UK that credit card fraud victims had been arrested on charges of child porn because phishing gangs bought child porn stuff using the stolen card.

Man, fragility is thy name

But the thing is we all are human and tend to get confused on the security questions and give wrong answers occasionally. The result is you've got rejected and frustrated again and again, and you will start jotting down site-specific security questions along with Usernames and passwords. It is still okay when you keep a list of this digital junk close to your desktop, but what about DASHTOP mobile equipment? Are you going to keep a long list in the glove compartment or in your pocket, creating another reason for Driver Distraction.

Any freedom from this Digital Manacle?

Do we need to carry all this digital junk only to identify and authenticate ourselves to get access to VPN (Virtual Private Network) sessions. Can we possibly get some freedom from this Digital Manacle, which will otherwise grow to suffocate your daily routine in the next decades.  Yes, definitely. We give this digital junk its due: dump it after use. Trans Union, one of the major three credit bureaus, for instance,  has got a multi-layer of proprietary security questions that ignore user-friendly features. Five members of our family never got successful to survive Trans Union's security questions and each had to mail out a pre-printed form to TU. Some of TU's security questions were based on even their 'proprietary' typographical errors, which consumers have no way of knowing.  Worse still, TU believe they are infallible.

Disposable Ephemeral Digital ID (DEDID)

Michael Dell , CEO of Dell Computer, once mentioned the necessity of "disposable virtual machine" at a Worldwide Forum session held in early 2007in Switzerland.

What do you think? Don't you think we should develop a disposable digital ID ahead of the "disposable virtual mahine"? We need to develop "disposable digital ID" that can be used within a time frame of  2 to 3 hours and be dumped after use.

Biometric authentication can be one solution for this digital manacle, but may have some limitations as well.  Let's say your face is saved in a database so as to be used as a security key, but what if your face comes with glasses or a mask on, or your facial coutour has been changed temporarily or permanently due to injuries, accidents, or some other reasons?

Circadian Numbering™

ErgonoTech's new algorithm of "Circadian Numbering" also called C24 that will be the basis of creating DEDID™ (Disposable Ephemeral Digital ID),which is a 7-digit alphanumeric ID that can survive all kinds cryptoanalytic attacks, let alone "birthday attack" and    brute force attack. DEDID is like an ice dagger that kills you but soon melts away, leaving no trace behind, based on an enciphering time-memory tradeoff., instead of a deciphiering one.

[The core technology of DriveOnPay™ and its deployment scenarios can only be disclosed to interested parties under a non-disclosure agreement and then licensed to qualified  and competent licensees on a non-exclusive basis.]

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