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Ergonomic Solutions to Man-Made Afflictions

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Ad Acceptance Policy

ErgonoTech, Inc. is determined to make our web site more suitable for our customers or visitors to our site. In this vein, we have a policy toward
accommodating advertisements that will enhance the ulterior motive for Ergonomic Solutions to Man-Made Afflictions. In other words, affinity to our first project, DriveOnPay™, will be stressed in selecting ad sponsors wishing  to advertise their merchandises and services on our website.

For your information, the following industry or category of merchandises or services, will be on our welcome list:

  • BWA products and applications
  • WiFi or WiMAX applications and associated products
  • Biometrics authentication industry
  • RFID products and services
  • Wireless payment system and PSP(Payment Service Provider)
  • Electronic  Toll Collection
  • Transport  security technology
  • e-Commerce solution or technology
  • Digital authentication technology
  • Vehicle gadgetry, including GPS navigators, satellite radios, MP3 devices
  • Automobile industry
  • Portable or non-portable mobile devices, including PDA, laptops, mobile phones
  • Mobile web browsers, widget makers, web editors
  • LCD touchscreen technology
  • OLED technology
  • Applications and systems related to ITS(Intelligent Transportation Systems)
  • Ticketless admission systems for ball parks, tourist attractions, theme parks
  • Location-based mobile advertising
  • 19. Environmental  protection technology or advocacy organizations
  • 20. Electronic or wireless parking service
  • Telecom industry & ISP
  • Other industry  that might have affinity to our ESTOMMA campaign
  • PUblic service ads and other ads approved by ErgonoTech



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