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Partnering for DriveOnPay™

If you are interested in collaborating with ErgonoTech to promote DriveOnPay™ in your country, do not hesitate to contact us.
Send Mail  to partners@driveonpay.com.

How big this market will grow
Would you know how big the market for dashtop mobile payment platform is going to be? You might want to do your own research in your country.
The global market of Dashtop Mobile Equipment (DME) and associated segments is estimated to soar to over $1 trillion by 2015, according to a preliminary research conducted in April 2007 by ErgonoTech.

Dashtop One-Trick Pony
GPS navigators that are currently mounted on the center of vehicle dashboards will most likely be incorporated into a more comprehensive wireless broadband DME.

The reasons are
  • GPS navigators' weaker satellite uplinks and complementary terrestrial links won't generate synergism to support their top position on dashtop.
  • There is a strong likelihood that GPS navigators will be hardest hit by the 11-year solar cycle 24 that will begin in 2008 and peak in 2010 and 2011
  • Motorists, while at the wheel,  do not want GPS navigators to constantly bother them during the entire course of trip but instead want to focus on a destination only, when they are approaching it.
  • Locating a commercial place on a  GPS navigator and  make a reservation or order  some merchandises or services thereon won't evolve into User-centric mobile eShopping that is an emerging segment of eCommerce.
  • The GPS navigator will remain a dashtop one-trick pony, generating desultory results. When do you expect the tipping point  to come? It is coming around the corner.


Your role
What do you think you can do to promote partnering with us?
You watch market developments both in your country and globally, and  work out some tools to measure the accelerating phase of this shift away from portable to DME.

Should you gain some confidence in potential advantages of partnering
with us for DriveOnPay™, then you may want to work with us in either one of  the following capacities:

  • an affiliate office
  • a representative office
  • a licensing partner
  • an investor

Please let us know your interest by email, and you will get some positive feedback within 4 weeks.  You will receive detailed explanations about what you are expected to do. Intentionally,we do not keep an online submission form on this web page.

Dewy Rose

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